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10 Ways To Tell If The Work Environment You're Interviewing At Is Toxic


Dec 6, 2017

As you sit across from your interviewer, a number of small things begin to gel for you. The interview started 10 minutes late, which is something that you know can happen, but the interviewer didn't seem too concerned. They've been running through a list of questions off their phone while occasionally checking their email, and have rarely looked up to get your reactions to things. When you walked in, the person leading you seemed friendly, but you noticed that very few people engaged with them — or each other. The brief glimpse you got of the work area seemed to be a lot of staff moving around, but very few smiles. Everyone seemed focused or stressed.

From the moment you walk in, see how the staff are with one another. Do you see happy or focused faces? Did the person who sat you down make excuses for their boss being late? Does the leader acknowledge others on their way to meet you? Are you, as an applicant, sequestered away? Or are you put in the middle of the workplace to observe? Either way, there are clues everywhere — pay attention.

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