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13 Ways Smaller Firms Can Attract STEM Talent


Aug 21, 2018

With computer-related STEM jobs predicted to grow 12.5% by 2024, according to statistics on, the need for new hires with this skill set is apparent. But hiring top STEM talent for your small business can be a challenge. A number of STEM candidates are looking for a “pie in the sky” position, something your business may not be able to provide — at least when it comes to pay. You can, however, sway STEM job seekers to come your way by changing the focus on what matters. Talk about the unique kinds of opportunities you can offer, such as greater autonomy, easier access to higher levels of management and a more nimble working environment — all things larger-scale companies may have trouble matching.

Understanding your talent and candidate pool is exceptionally important. Some candidates are not driven by financial gain as much as they are by flexibility in their schedule. Be clear about your corporate culture, expectations and salary. This way, the talent that is attracted is already aware before they apply. This shortens the cycle of hiring and helps you attract the right talent that is fit for your organization

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