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14 Important Questions To Ask Your Business Or Career Coach


Mar 5, 2018

If you've ever found yourself struggling on your professional path, you may have considered hiring a business or career coach to help get you on the right track. A good coach will listen to your concerns, give you an honest assessment of your weaknesses, and help you leverage your strengths to maximize opportunities. If you decide to hire a coach, you've taken the first step toward greater professional fulfillment and success. However, this person isn't a mind reader; you must be willing to work with them, and part of that is asking the right questions.

It's important to understand how your business or career coach defines success. Credentials, background and experience are important, but so is understanding what defines success. Is success a metric or a feeling? Some coaches offer a tangible report card while others are more driven by feelings or surveys -- understanding how your coach defines success is important.

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