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14 Tips To Successfully Publish Thought Leadership Content On LinkedIn


Oct 4, 2017

With 87% of users trusting LinkedIn as a source of information, according to a report by the professional social media platform, publishing on the site is a must if you want to maintain a strong online presence and become an authority in your niche. Mastering the site can be more of a challenge, as you look to engage with customers, as well as your business networking members. LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform to reach professionals and customers in a more succinct and straightforward way. Offering leadership content on the site needs to address the demands of your client base and, according to LinkedIn, you need to be relevant, topical, and efficient in your delivery.

There are any number of people claiming to be "experts" on LinkedIn. The goal should be creating a conversation based on the content you publish. Too many people are focused on pushing out content without responding to comments or thanking people for commentary. Think of it like dating. No one wants to sit across from someone who is only talking about themselves. Don't forget it's a dialogue.

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