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There is a tendency to be driven by the corporate culture that we don't realize that our groupthink can exclude unintentionally. For an organization to grow, there has to be a value placed on disagreement and perspective. Blind spots happen when everyone is so aligned that you leave no room for dialogue. Encourage the safety and the freedom within the framework to challenge each other.


Mar 4, 2019

No matter where we look, it seems there’s always information of some sort coming at us. Whether we’re browsing the Web, scrolling through social media, listening to the radio or watching TV, a constant stream of content, news and advertisements is always there.

Brands have been so focused on pushing out content that they are forgetting the cardinal rule of advertising: It’s not about you. Maintain a 5-to-1 ratio—5 pieces of value-based content to every 1 ask. Stop inundating your consumer with too many automated drip marketing campaigns. If you have something valuable to share, do it, but getting a subscriber and keeping them are different

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