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Illuminating Women Keynote Interview

Illuminating Women

Jan 20, 2020

Maresa shares powerful points about how we can create leadership skills, teaching women how to "own the room." Maresa's expertise and experience makes her an in-demand and sought-after speaker helping others to fulfill their desires and dreams. Maresa is the perfect Executive Cat Herder, from corporate to entrepreneur circles, providing tips with tools for greater success.s

Are you a woman looking to bridge the gap between what’s been holding you back and the future you’re envisioning for yourself? Then this is the conference for YOU! After 3 years of producing women-centric conferences we’ve seen the POWER of bringing together 200+ women who are seeking personal growth and professional development! This year we see that the time is now to take a bold and brave look into what is holding you back and learn to let it go. To take a good look at vulnerability and see the strength within it. To understand what it means to trust yourself. To see that you are not alone in the challenges you face. To embrace positive change so you can create the ideal vision for your life.

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