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Most Common ways your are ignoring your middle manager


Oct 11, 2017

Middle managers often get the short end of the stick. They have smaller roles with large amounts of responsibility, and sometimes, they don't seem to get the full credit they deserve. Your middle managers may feel neglected by your company if they are never really appreciated for all the work that they do for your business. According to Insead, middle management importance will grow in the future, as these positions are often the glue that holds the day-to-day operations of the business together. These positions are also where a lot of the blame is pinpointed when things go wrong. But, businesses can shift this neglect and focus more on the value that these positions bring to their operations.

Too often, middle managers are tasked with execution and doing sometimes impossible tasks. Corporate cultures that are top-down are brutal, especially for middle management. It's important to note they are the ones who have a pulse on the organization. They are often disengaged, and underutilized, so use them! No matter how good a strategy is in a boardroom, it comes down to the messengers.

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