Community Roundtable:

Adapting your business to online learning. 

Thanks for joining us! A few words before you take the plunge into this content.


The value in my community is about value, not about trying to sell shit. I created this roundtable for my clients, partners, and friends to understand how to adjust your content to online delivery. 

As a resource in the community, it's my job to create some type of calm from the chaos.  I also recognize that the transition to virtual work and connecting online is not always intuitive. 

So here are a few videos and roundtables (way more to follow) to help you wrap your head around virtual delivery. ​ There will be many more to come, all free in the next few weeks. 

Be a fountain, not a drain.


This session and offer is designed to provide information and training in regard to the subject matter covered.  It is sold with the understanding that the team providing this service are not employees of Google.  Every effort has been made based on past engagements with clients, companies, and executives to make this as complete and accurate as possible. However, not all businesses will see the same benefits.  Our goal is to provide you additional supplemental information to setup or re brand your existing profile. 

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