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10 Leadership Strategies To Discourage 'Groupthink' On Your Team

"Groupthink" is a common corporate scenario in which multiple people feed off each other and ultimately come up with the same types of ideas. While collaboration and cooperation are good, your team will never innovate and grow if they never explore different ways of thinking and solving problems.

Dec 4, 2018

10 Ways To Attract More Diverse Talent

You may want to expand the diversity of your employees, but the candidates who apply for your available positions just aren’t offering you a strong pool to pick from. Having a more diverse team of employees can provide value to your business. They offer new ideas, a new outlook and skills that others don’t possess. Finding more diverse candidates is possible if you make an effort to reach these potential new hires in a way the entices them to join your team.

Aug 24, 2018

10 Ways To Tell If The Work Environment You're Interviewing At Is Toxic

As you sit across from your interviewer, a number of small things begin to gel for you. The interview started 10 minutes late, which is something that you know can happen, but the interviewer didn't seem too concerned. They've been running through a list of questions off their phone while occasionally checking their email, and have rarely looked up to get your reactions to things. When you walked in, the person leading you seemed friendly, but you noticed that very few people engaged with them — or each other. The brief glimpse you got of the work area seemed to be a lot of staff moving around, but very few smiles. Everyone seemed focused or stressed.

Dec 6, 2017

11 Coach-Recommended Apps For Setting And Tracking Goals

Anyone who’s ever worked with a personal or professional coach will tell you it’s much easier to stay on top of your goals and milestones when they’re documented. While handwritten lists work well for some, many people prefer to use one of the countless available technology tools designed for this very purpose.

Jan 29, 2020

11 Ways To Encourage Mental Breaks From Technology In The Workplace

How often are you intentionally away from your smartphone? For most people, the answer is probably "never." A 2017 survey found that the average American checks their smartphone once every 12 minutes, and 60% of respondents said they feel stressed when their phone is off or away from them.

Jun 27, 2018

12 Ways to Develop Self- Discipline

Self-discipline is a regular challenge in any aspect of your life. You may decide that you want to lose weight, set yourself up for promotion, or simply work through a set of tasks faster than you have previously. But good intentions only take you so far. No matter how diligent you start out, you can easily find yourself struggling and demoralized a few weeks into a new routine.

Dec 1, 2017

13 'Off-The-Wall' Interview Questions Job Seekers Should Be Prepared To Answer

Whether you’re on the hiring team or the applicant side of the table, you’ve probably heard many of the same standard questions at every job interview. These tried-and-true questions can certainly help a company understand who they might be hiring, but a more unique, off-the-wall question can give potential employers a better sense of who their candidate really is, as well as give that candidate’s creativity an opportunity to shine.

Oct 23, 2019

13 Key Strategies To Remember When Planning For The New Year

With 2020 only a few weeks away, business leaders are already deciding how their companies are going to forge ahead into the new year. While this is the start of a new decade, some things remain the same.

Dec 23, 2019

13 Ways For Companies To Stay In Touch With Every Team Member (Even Remote Ones)

Modern technology allows professionals from a multitude of industries to stay connected and work from any location at any time. In many companies, this has led to a hybrid team of both in-house and remote employees, which can give companies the power to grow faster than ever.

Mar 6, 2019

13 Ways Smaller Firms Can Attract STEM Talent

With computer-related STEM jobs predicted to grow 12.5% by 2024, according to statistics on bls.gov, the need for new hires with this skill set is apparent. But hiring top STEM talent for your small business can be a challenge. A number of STEM candidates are looking for a “pie in the sky” position, something your business may not be able to provide — at least when it comes to pay. You can, however, sway STEM job seekers to come your way by changing the focus on what matters. Talk about the unique kinds of opportunities you can offer, such as greater autonomy, easier access to higher levels of management and a more nimble working environment — all things larger-scale companies may have trouble matching.

Aug 21, 2018

13 Ways You Can Craft A Strong Personal Mission Statement

Personal mission statements are an excellent way to create a framework for what you want to do, as well as define why you want to do it. Reviewing this statement periodically can keep you on task and on point, or help you understand how — and why — what you value has changed in the intervening time. Creating that statement, though, will take effort and hours. You are trying to encapsulate goals, image and self into a touchstone in order to guide your future. This means introspection and careful work to craft something that moves you emotionally.

Nov 7, 2017

14 Important Questions To Ask Your Business Or Career Coach

If you've ever found yourself struggling on your professional path, you may have considered hiring a business or career coach to help get you on the right track. A good coach will listen to your concerns, give you an honest assessment of your weaknesses, and help you leverage your strengths to maximize opportunities. If you decide to hire a coach, you've taken the first step toward greater professional fulfillment and success. However, this person isn't a mind reader; you must be willing to work with them, and part of that is asking the right questions.

Mar 5, 2018

14 Professional Networking Opportunities That Are Often Overlooked

Growing a business or progressing in a career—especially when one is first starting out—requires hard work in many different forms. One of the most crucial is professional networking. In the early stages of a business, it’s the most cost-effective way an entrepreneur can get his or her name and business in front of potential clients. The networking professional builds connections that can lead to potential employers, mentors and even like-minded new friends.

Mar 8, 2019

14 Tips To Successfully Publish Thought Leadership Content On LinkedIn

With 87% of users trusting LinkedIn as a source of information, according to a report by the professional social media platform, publishing on the site is a must if you want to maintain a strong online presence and become an authority in your niche. Mastering the site can be more of a challenge, as you look to engage with customers, as well as your business networking members. LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform to reach professionals and customers in a more succinct and straightforward way. Offering leadership content on the site needs to address the demands of your client base and, according to LinkedIn, you need to be relevant, topical, and efficient in your delivery.

Oct 4, 2017

14 Ways Leaders Can Prepare For Generation Z's Entry Into The Job Market

With Generation Z reaching employable age, the expected influx of new workers presents a lot of potential benefits to the world of a business. However, equally as possible, it may bring with it its own challenges.

Feb 6, 2020

14 Ways To Deal With Dwindling Profits Before It's Too Late

When a business owner sees their profits suddenly dry up, it can be a time of intense panic and worry. There may be no immediate explanation for why the profits seem to be decreasing, but it’s important to remain proactive to keep the situation from spinning out of control.

Jun 23, 2019

14 Ways To Effectively Set Expectations With Your Employees

As a manager, it’s your responsibility to set expectations for your employees. You may not realize that this is as much an art as it is a necessary science. There are many “right” ways to go about establishing your expectations, but there are also many negative approaches that could harm your relationships with your staff.

Nov 26, 2019

15 Essential Coaching Tips For Serial Entrepreneurs

If the entrepreneurship bug has bitten you more than once, you may be what is typically referred to as a “serial entrepreneur.” You have several businesses under your hat. It seems no matter what you touch turns to gold. You have the ability to make a successful undertaking out of a good idea. But, you can also lose sight of your current businesses with a new venture on the horizon.

Mar 28, 2018

15 Simple Ways To Improve Your Reputation In The Workplace

Gaining the trust and respect of your coworkers is job one on your first day at work. This can go a long way in helping you achieve your professional goals and make a lot of your responsibilities easier to manage day-to-day. The same can be said about your reputation with your clients. According to a report by Monster, part of having a better reputation at work is “being smart” when it comes to interacting with your coworkers. Being tactful and figuring some things out on your own can also help you maintain a professional relationship that isn’t strained and forced.

Oct 10, 2017

15 Ways For Leaders To Give Guidance Without Micromanaging

In a fast-paced corporate environment, it can be tempting for a manager to try to micromanage all the moving parts. But as the number of teams and complexity of the company grows, this course of action is likely to overwhelm an individual. To this end, a manager must realize when he or she should trust their subordinates to deliver and when it’s appropriate to take an active part in a project.

Jul 24, 2019