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The cost of disrespect in the workplace is more than just annoyance, there's a price to pay.

A few days ago, I did a simple post on Linkedin, after working with a smaller organization for the past 9 months. Disrespect had a big impact on their numbers- and it wasn't being addressed. Too often, respect is treated as this universal thing- but the truth is - it has to both given and earned.

The story was simple....

"Person A, feels disrespected by Person B so now, they go around Person A and work through Person C. Person B is pissed and works through person D, because they don't trust Person C. But they work in an interdependent team- so things are officially taking 1 hour more per day. Between workarounds and avoidance- they just won't work together. Now, their Manager Person E - spends about 1 hour a day mitigating all the bs going on with the team - but just spouts the "Get over it" motto.

No one has actually had a conversation about the disrespect (probably some ego involved) just operating out of feelings.

This means, on a daily basis - 5 productive hours per day are being lost because of Respect. Since we're in California, let's just say that it's a small business and these individuals make $25 an hour.

(Of course, you can scale this up)

$625 is lost every week due to disrespect $2,500 is lost every month due to disrespect $7,500 is lost every quarter due to disrespect $30,000 is lost every year due to disrespect

If this doesn't worry you as a business owner, it should."

I was surprised how many e-mails, comments, and messages I received. It wasn't one industry. There were creatives who felt misunderstood. CEO's who felt that their boards disrespected them.




The list goes on.

This is why it's important to understand the Neuroscience of Disrespect. It affects everyone- man, women, black, white, hispanic, asian, millennials, gen x'ers, baby boomers.

I hope you'll consider joining me next week - along with Gregg Ward, Silvia Mah, and Sarah Bacerra as we explore The Neuroscience of Respect, next week.

Ticket's include breakfast - we hope to see you there.

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