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Strategy Solved

Thanks for joining us! A few words before you take the plunge into our little group.


Our community is about value, not about trying to sell shit. 

But we get that you want to let everyone know your hustle. You can self promote, on the self-promo thread we run 1x a week.

So here are the other various ways you can benefit from this free group.


  • Host Trainings. Show the group something cool, but coordinate with the admins first.

  • Share a story. Did you have a big win - or screw up? Share the story with the group.

  • Tips. Have a cool tip? Share with the group.

  • Ask for help. You don't learn and grow by not asking for help. 

  • Create Accountability Partner up with another group member hold each other to deadlines.

  • Self Promote Saturdays are your days to sell your stuff.

Be a fountain, not a drain.

This session and offer is designed to provide information and training in regard to the subject matter covered.  It is sold with the understanding that the team providing this service are not employees of Google.  Every effort has been made based on past engagements with clients, companies, and executives to make this as complete and accurate as possible. However, not all businesses will see the same benefits.  Our goal is to provide you additional supplemental information to setup or re brand your existing profile. 

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