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We help companies get out of their own way, understand consumer intent, and deploy brilliant business & marketing strategies in a connected and distracted world.


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For Brands

We believe in GSD. Get ____ done.  Insert the word that is most comfortable for you.​We realized the fuel that was keeping us going was being in energetic environments where people wanted to succeed and grow. We also realized that EADD (Executive Attention Deficit Disorder)- can affect a company's ability company to shift and narrow focus on a master goal. Our clients come to us for one thing and one thing only- to implement and partner with them to make impactful changes in their organizations. Our mantra and vision is to create strategies and manage teams to execution. We believe that  done is better than perfect. We also believe that simple focus can lead to brilliant strides in developing your brand.  


Strategy is the starting point.

Don't confuse activity with achievement. 


For Soloprenuers & Small Business

We base our strategies on facts not feelings. We get it. 


You want to keep doing what you have always done and wonder why nothing changes.  Or more importantly, you determined that a certain social media platform wasn't for you because it wasn't your "target" audience.  

These things happen, but you end up missing out on the various ways consumers engage with you.  It's not always about the bottom of the funnel "buy now" moment.  It's the Micromoments- the smallest moments that people aren't even planning to buy that become your greatest opportunity. 

We Have done it.

I'd love to tell you that it was easy. We made a lot of mistakes along the way.  We spent thousands of dollars trying to find this unicorn.  What we learned is that custom doesn't have to be expensive.  We have also learned that our land & expand methodology of Microtasking ®™ can help you grow on a consistent basis when done in a systemic way. The good thing to come from this is learning what not to do which we pass on to our clients, colleagues, and partners.

Most people we work with are used to working in their businesses, not on them.  We offer a fresh perspective, a chance to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and an opportunity to push beyond self-limiting beliefs that keep us from achieving our full potential.









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How we work

We pride ourselves on identifying your challenges quickly and designing strategies and plans to address them, always keeping top of mind your business's need for minimal disruption.  We are adept at creating a short term and long- term strategy plans that run in tandem.  Growing your organization means building on your strengths to improve your company's flexibility and capacity for innovation - both in what you offer and how you offer it.


It matters how other people receive and perceive your organization.  That's where The Executive Cat Herder comes in. We work incredibly hard to provide insight into the three major cornerstones of Operations & Strategic Marketing as they relate to your business, with one additional foundation point, data.

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