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I wasn't a born Entrepreneur.  I loved my corporate job, office with Nespresso coffeemaker, staff happy hours, and the bi-weekly paycheck.  This business was born out a need not a want.  I learned quickly that there are no secure "jobs" these days and so I created a path and business that has helped me be independent, build multiple revenue streams, and take charge of my career. 

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I began my career in the technology industry while studying engineering, liberal studies, and business in college. Early on in my education- I had the opportunity to participate in a Science Scholar program at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UCSD. The program was sponsored by the National Science Foundation and gave me the opportunity to explore the excitement of opportunities in science, mathematics, art, and the internet- lovingly referred to in the early days as the World Wide Web. I prefer working with clients and businesses with dynamic environments where I can contribute in a cross-functional team.  These fit because I use my technical knowledge, industry knowledge, and cross-functional capabilities to take a 360-degree approach to strategy, business development, process, & marketing.  


As a strategist, my involvement and work with global brands, businesses, and influencers revolve around creating success and execution plans for key initiatives and brand awareness. 

As a fractional resource, I provide operational oversight for newly funded startups or companies seeking to improve brand recognition in niche markets via targeted relationship strategies. I have always had the gift of gab- and enjoy evangelizing products, services, and companies that I believe in. 

As a speaker my goal is simple- inspire action, create conversation, and leave an audience with the desire to take the next step. 

My daily mantra in life & work? Challenge Accepted. 

I look forward to connecting with you,

Maresa Friedman

Meet The Team

Sara Pugh

Primary Consulting Areas:

Sales Strategy, Inbound / Outbound Value Proposition Definition, Pitch Prep, Retail, Hospitality

John Bertino

Primary Consulting Areas:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Inbound/Content Marketing and Automation. Thought Leadership and Digital PR

Dr. Maureen Orey

Primary Consulting Areas:

Instructional Design, Executive Facilitation, Talent & Leadership Development

What could you do with a push?

Most of the people and organizations I work with are already leaders. 

They have their list of could's, shoulds, and woulds - but what would happen if you had to answer to someone? If you had someone making sure you finished?

That's where we come in. 

Associated Projects & Brands include:


"My job is to help people understand what things work and what things don't.

Data is part of that conversation. So is getting it done.  Done is better than perfect.

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