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My Journey of Focused Strategizing: 10 Ways I'm Embracing Authenticity & Resilience

It takes a brave strategy to take a step back, reevaluate objectives and concentrate on what really counts in the dynamic world of digital marketing, where analytics and validation frequently determine success. Recently, I've been integrating more "fun" into my life. As such, I've really explored my transformational experience as a strategist who has chosen time and time again to put authenticity, resilience, and mental health ahead of social media noise. I came to understand the value of upholding my ideals and the necessity of not letting outside approval determine my professional worth through a succession of deep realizations.

  1. I no longer care about likes, views, or impressions - if it's good, the right people will see it. As a strategist, I was once caught up in the pursuit of likes, views, and impressions as metrics of success. However, I reached a pivotal moment where I realized that the true value of my work lies in its quality and impact, rather than superficial numbers. By focusing on creating content that authentically resonated with my intended audience, I understood that the right people would naturally be drawn to it. I began to shift my focus towards producing high-quality, valuable content that aligned with my expertise and values. By letting go of the obsession with metrics, I directed my energy toward crafting content that genuinely served and engaged my target audience. This mindset shift led to deeper connections, higher engagement rates, and ultimately, a more fulfilling professional journey. This also proved my initial point that you don't need perfect lighting, setup, or any of those things to drive real conversations.

  2. I don't care if my friends or family see my content - it's not for them: As a strategist, it can be challenging to detach oneself from the opinions and expectations of those closest to us. However, I realized that my content was not meant for my personal network; it was crafted to serve a specific audience and contribute to my professional growth. Embracing this mindset allowed me to break free from the limitations imposed by familial or social expectations. I recognized that my content served a purpose beyond seeking validation or approval from friends and family. By prioritizing my own growth and expertise, I had the freedom to create content that truly represented my professional identity. This decision, while initially challenging, allowed me to find my voice, attract a more relevant audience, and establish myself as an authentic thought leader in my field.

  3. I will not argue with idiots on the internet. When I went viral in 2022 (The video is still driving views of over 3.8M to date) - I learned that engaging in pointless arguments with individuals who lack the willingness or capacity for rational discourse is an unproductive use of time and energy. As a strategist, I made a conscious decision to disengage from such interactions, focusing instead on constructive conversations that fostered growth and collaboration. I realized that futile arguments with online trolls or individuals who refuse to engage in respectful discussions only lead to frustration and wasted energy. Instead, I chose to invest my time and efforts in meaningful conversations with like-minded professionals who could provide valuable insights and perspectives. This shift in focus allowed me to create a positive online presence and build a network of genuine connections.

  4. I will not apologize if I have nothing to apologize for As a strategist, it is crucial to maintain integrity and authenticity in my professional interactions. Apologies should be sincere expressions of accountability, not reflexive responses to appease others. I made a conscious decision to stand by my actions and beliefs, refraining from unnecessary apologies that could undermine my credibility. As a strategist, I saw the significance of maintaining my identity and self-worth. Rather than submitting to societal pressure to apologize all the time, I choose to reflect on my actions and intentions. If I truly made a mistake or caused harm, I would apologize and take the necessary steps to correct the situation.

  5. I will not get upset when gurus who haven't worked in the industry tout strategies that worked in 2013 and haven't worked since. As a seasoned strategist, I've encountered countless self-proclaimed gurus who peddle outdated strategies without having relevant industry experience. Rather than becoming upset or disillusioned, I've learned to discern valuable insights from empty promises. I refuse to let these outdated strategies dictate my approach and instead stay updated on the latest trends and best practices

  6. I will not get upset when strangers say things like, "I could never travel and be a part-time mom" - for the record, I'm a full-time mom who happens to travel for work. As a working mom who balances career aspirations and family responsibilities, I've encountered judgment and misconceptions from strangers who fail to understand the intricacies of my life. While it's natural to feel defensive or hurt by such comments, I've learned to stay grounded in my truth and not let others' limited perspectives affect my sense of self. I proudly embrace the fact that I am a committed and loving mother while pursuing my professional passions, including travel for work. I recognize that everyone's circumstances and choices are unique. By staying true to my own values and priorities, I've come to understand that my choices may not align with societal expectations or the opinions of strangers. It's important to foster a sense of empathy and respect for diverse paths and experiences, both as a professional and as a parent.

  7. I won't get upset when I warn someone against a scammer and they don't take my counsel - and get taken advantage of. As a strategist, I've encountered situations where I've warned individuals about potential scams or fraudulent practices, only to have my advice disregarded. While it can be disheartening to witness others falling victim to scams, I've learned to accept that not everyone will heed my counsel. Instead, I focus on providing reliable information, empowering individuals to make informed decisions, and offering support when they need it. As a strategist, my role is to guide and inform. However, it's crucial to remember that individuals have agency over their own choices. While it can be tempting to say "I told you so" when someone ignores my warnings and faces consequences, I recognize that empathy and understanding are more valuable. Rather than dwelling on the outcome, I strive to be a source of assistance and support for those who need it.

  8. I won't say "I told you so" - even when I want to. It's natural to feel a sense of satisfaction or vindication when our predictions come true or our advice proves to be accurate. However, as a strategist, I understand the importance of humility and maintaining positive relationships. Even when I have the urge to say "I told you so," I resist the temptation and focus on empathy, support, and finding solutions instead. Saying "I told you so" can strain relationships and create an atmosphere of defensiveness and resentment. By taking a more compassionate approach, I foster an environment of trust and collaboration, allowing for open dialogue and growth. It's important to prioritize the well-being of others and offer guidance without diminishing their experiences or decisions.

  9. I don't care if you like me - chances are I probably don't like you - but I can respect your abilities, and I hope you respect mine. In the competitive world of strategizing, personal preferences, and working styles can differ greatly. While it's natural to seek validation and approval from others, I've come to prioritize self-confidence and self-respect over seeking universal likability. Instead, I focus on acknowledging and appreciating the abilities and talents of others while expecting the same respect in return. As a strategist, I understand that collaboration and mutual respect are essential for professional growth and success. While I may not form personal connections with everyone I encounter, I believe in fostering a professional environment where diverse perspectives are valued and respected. It's important to recognize that differing opinions and working styles can contribute to innovative solutions and enriching outcomes.

  10. Social Media can create a massive sense of feeling alone, disconnected, and isolated - don't let it fool you - it's all curated. In the age of social media, where carefully crafted images and narratives dominate our online presence, it's essential to recognize the potential for creating false perceptions. As a strategist, I've witnessed how social media platforms can evoke a profound sense of isolation and inadequacy when comparing oneself to others' seemingly perfect lives. However, I've learned not to let the curated nature of social media deceive me or impact my self-worth. It's important to remember that social media is a highlight reel, showcasing only the best moments and carefully selected aspects of individuals' lives. Behind the filters and perfectly posed photos, there is a whole spectrum of emotions and challenges that remain unseen. By reminding myself that social media is just a fraction of reality, I'm able to stay grounded and maintain a healthy perspective. Rather than succumbing to the pressure of comparison or seeking validation through likes and followers, I prioritize cultivating genuine connections and meaningful interactions both online and offline. I recognize the importance of nurturing authentic relationships and focusing on self-acceptance, knowing that the value I bring as a strategist extends far beyond the curated world of social media.

Taking the break has made me double down on what I know to be true. My experience of focusing on what genuinely matters has taught me the value of remaining true to myself, valuing meaningful friendships, and seeking fulfillment outside of the shallow metrics of social media. I've discovered a revitalized sense of purpose and a more satisfying professional journey as a strategist by embracing authenticity, resilience, and a balanced perspective.

my two cents.

what about yours?


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