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Stepping into the Spotlight: From Behind-the-Scenes Secret Weapon to a Voice in the Market

As I take this step forward, I must admit, it's not without a certain level of humility mixed with excitement and a bit of nervousness. You see, for over a decade, I've been the behind-the-scenes strategist, the secret weapon, the one who has quietly worked her magic with Fortune 100 companies, high-performing executives, and successful entrepreneurs who've made their exit. My work has always been my focus, not being in the limelight. But now, I'm ready to change that.

In a world saturated with self-proclaimed gurus, coaches selling coaching to other coaches, and internet faux millionaires peddling get-rich-quick schemes, I've realized that I can't just sit back and observe anymore. I can't simply complain about the noise and chaos in the marketplace; I need to be a voice within it, bringing authenticity and value.

My journey started more than a decade ago, quietly advising Fortune 100 companies on their business and brand strategies. I've witnessed firsthand the inner workings of these giants, helping them make strategic decisions that would shape their futures. It was exhilarating to see the impact of my work, but I was content in the shadows, content to let others take the credit. As a brand speaker for one of the largest companies in the world, I traveled to more than 30 states, but I wasn't "me" - I was that brand. I began to dabble in the world getting a few appearances here and there, but it was never my focus.

Over time, my expertise extended to working with high-performing executives and entrepreneurs who had successfully exited their companies. These individuals were hungry for guidance on their next ventures, and I was there to provide it. Together, we navigated uncharted waters, and their successes spoke volumes. Still, I remained content behind the scenes, avoiding the spotlight.

But something has shifted in me. Perhaps it's the realization that the world needs more genuine voices, more people who have been in the trenches, crafting real strategies and solutions. In a marketplace where it's increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, I've come to understand that my years of experience, my dedication to ethical business practices, and my commitment to helping others succeed can't remain hidden any longer.

So, here I am, stepping into the spotlight with a mix of humility and excitement. Nervousness? Yes, that too, because being the focus is a new territory for me. But I've learned that my passion for what I do, my dedication to excellence, and my desire to counter the noise of the "fake gurus" and internet charlatans far outweigh any hesitation I might feel.

I'm not here to sell empty promises or get-rich-quick schemes. I'm here to share real insights, practical strategies, and hard-earned wisdom. I'm here to be a voice of reason in a marketplace that sorely needs it. I can't just complain; I must participate.

So, if you believe in the value of authenticity and want to help me in this journey, I'd be incredibly grateful if you could introduce me to podcast hosts and interview opportunities. Together, we can make a real impact in a world inundated with noise. Here's to the next chapter, and I hope you'll join me on this exciting adventure by connecting me with those who seek genuine insights and expertise. I would love to be on their podcasts, share wisdom, and be someone who can keep it real no matter what.

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