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Influencer or Influenced?A 13-year-olds perspective on what they understand about monetization.#GenZ

My daughter and I often chat about influencers, she knows I work with a lot of them- athletes, actors, YouTuber's etc. - and we often chat about what she thinks. She often serves as a balancing point with me- especially when I am working with younger companies or demographics.

As someone in the marketing and strategy space, I worry when I see headlines like the one "A 15-Year-Old YouTuber And Influencer Has Caused Anger And Concern After Suggesting She Was Married And Pregnant" - full article here.

Jesus, not only do I have to parent- but I'm having to explain to my 13 year old, why this isn't ok. But, surprisingly I don't have to. She get's it.

We talk about why it's not ok to pretend you are married, lie about your age, and do stuff just for clicks. What's even more interesting, is her commentary on the parents. "Are the parents just glad she is making money- do they not care?- Why don't they care?"

I try in my most diplomatic tone to explain that I'm not sure why the parents are cool with it, but that I wouldn't do it.

But, I don't have to go too far.

She looks at me boldly, and says - "I Know what they are doing, they're trying to get people to click so they can get views and make money on ad's- it's so obvious".

Just when you think all Gen Z is a bunch of entitled selfish kids- the conscious ones who can see through the show of Social Media give you hope.

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