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50/30/20 Event Promotion - Anatomy of an Ad Result

Here is a breakdown of a small ad run used to promote a panel event that I did.

I think it's important that everyone understands when it comes to events there is a specific breakdown of activity:

50% of what you do can be digital (Facebook / Google Ad's)

30% of what you do to drive traffic will be your personal reach outs, e-mails, posts and talking to your network

20% relies on picking up the phone (Yup, the big players have inside sales reps)

Here was the breakout of the ad process that had a $25 Ad Spend

Targeted Persona:

  • Women

  • Aged 25-40

  • Affinity Shopping Level, luxury

  • Had been on or around the University Club within the last 90 days

  • Titles: Entrepreneur, Executive, HR

  • Interests: Workshops, Women in Leadership, Leadership

  • Showed interest in an event in the last 30 days

If you applied this to an even you hosted at $25, it would have cost you $25 to make $450.

Hopefully this sheds some light into the "mysterious" world of Event Promotion

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