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Canva Quietly added a new time saving feature just in time for back to school - Content Planning

The soloprenuers favorite DIY tool recently added content planning as the latest feature update.

Canva's new Content Planner makes it easier than ever to take your social media game to the next level. Design and plan your social media content ahead of time, with the ability to publish directly from the Canva Editor to your favorite social networking platforms.

For an advanced Social Media reosurce, the planner might be "too simple"- but for someone just learning the ropes of creating content, you quickly learn how far down the rabbit hole you have to go to get your content into the world.

Create the content.

Size it.

Download it.

Upload it to your favorite tool to schedule.

Schedule It.

This cuts the work down significantly and saves you time.

If you don't have the premium version of Canva which allows you to resize automatically and create and sell templates, you are missing out, check it out here.

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