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The E-mail Signature Line (AKA free marketing)- #5minuteMarketing

It was back in 1996 when Hotmail launched their simple e-mail signature add-on to new subscribers. Simply put, the call to action was "Get your free e-mail at...." - within the first month the new service had garnered 20,000 new subscribers - a few months later it hit 1 million.

Type out a new e-mail signature

Hotmail’s competitor spent $20 million to attract less than half of Hotmail’s subscribers, it spent only $500,000 over a 2 year period to gain 12 million subscribers.

Many of us receive 100s of e-mails in a given day- and yet as I still look through the e-mails I see very few e-mail signatures that have any call to action. This is free advertising and a way to humblebrag quietly. If something catches my eye, I'll be the first to admit - that I will click on it.

Here a are just a few examples of things you can add into your signature on a monthly or quarterly basis (the options are limitless):

  • New keynote or speech

  • Book release

  • Booking link

  • Article Link

  • Lead Magnet

A simple tool such as Wisestamp can help you create something quick and visually appealing, or you can level it up to My Signature the specializes in branded CTA based signatures.

Either way, it's quick- simple- and something you can do in less than 5 minutes.

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