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10 things you can do to make your advertising campaigns more profitable.

On a weekly basis, we are asked to give advice or strategy on how to make campaigns more profitable, so we thought we would compile this:

  1. Know your target markets’ needs, buying motivations, and expectations.

  2. Create ad campaign plans that address your business and sales goals. If

  3. Make a blueprint to make each campaign easy to scale for multiple levels.

  4. Tailor your campaigns to capitalize on the strengths of the platform, as well as the unique preferences and needs of the segment that visits each one.

  5. Research, compare and test new campaign options to find what works best with your audience.

  6. Use phrases, wording, and images that resonate with your audience and inspire them to trust you and take the action you recommend.

  7. Research and familiarize yourself with the latest tools available for the type of campaigns you plan to run.

  8. Implement specific retargeting strategies to address the areas and reasons potential customers leave the buying funnel at that precise poi

  9. Some platforms, like Facebook, offer suggestions for your ad campaigns. Take the advice and see if you meet your goals. If the advice works, use what you learned to create a similar campaign on other platforms.

  10. Use your audience insights and related data to fine-tune and target your ads more effectively, as well as learn more about the viewer’s underlying likes and preferences.

  11. Initially, set a lower budget on Instagram and Facebook for your paid ad campaigns. This allows you to increase your budget later, once you know what ad formats work best.

  12. Make the most of your short videos by adding them to YouTube. Allow relevant ads to appear on other videos with a similar audience, while also letting other (similar) users to show their ad on your account.

  13. Try out the YouTube cards. This enables you to create a clickable CTA and get to know a wide variety of users who are interested in the video topic you provide.

  14. Schedule specific days and times to be on Facebook, either on your page or in your page-related group. Take time to listen and talk with prospects as well as your existing customers. Build those relationships, trust, and help your audience to solve a few of their easier problems or address their needs/questions.

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