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Dirty "Secrets" in entrepreneurship. There is no shame in side hustle.

Yesterday I made a #confession

A public one.

Maresa Friedman speaking at the Hera Venture Summit, University of San Diego
Maresa Friedman, Hera Venture Summit, University of San Diego

A few years back having made a poor decision as a new business owner- I was faced with two options. Get a job, and quickly- or do everything possible to keep my business afloat.

I opted for the latter. I took side work to help get me through the craziest time in business- and had I not taken it- I would have never gotten any of the current opportunities I have today.

What I realized in this process- is that most entrepreneurs share part of the "struggle"- but are hesitant to talk money, finances, or the fact that you need funding to finance your dreams. The assumption that you will build a purpose & passion driven organization or team can be a given, but people forget about that special word... profit.

As I shared my story of what it was like - working for a meat distributor- and becoming part of the gig economy- I saw smiles, tears, and laughter. What occurred to me this morning as I opened e-mails, direct messages, and notes on LinkedIn- is how many people are doing the same thing.

I received one note from a woman who told me she had been doing Costco stocking shifts and another who had been driving for door dash, another had been working at a gym.

So here's the deal

It takes funding to fuel your dreams.

Start #working

Feel your Feelings, but know they aren't #facts

Stop worrying about #judgement

Understanding that #Expectations aren't always #reality


Catch the informal talk below:

My Steps to the Ecosystem of Expectations as defined by song lyrics: 
  1. Expectations - "I'm going to fight em off... a 7 nation army couldn't hold me back." -The White Stripes

  2. Excitement - "So we unpacked our adjectives"- School House Rock

  3. Financial Insecurity - "The best things in life are free.... I want Money"- Flying Lizzards

  4. Sadness- "Hello darkness my old friend" - Simon & Garfunkel

  5. Connectedness - "We are family"- Sister Sledge

  6. RESPECT- Aretha Franklin

  7. Failure & Pressure - "Pressure...pushing down on me"- Queen & David Bowie

  8. Self Loathing - "Cause nobody loves me..." - Portishead

  9. Motivation - "2 Legit to Quit" - 

  10. The Power of "Try" - "You only live once that's the motto- live it YOLO" - Drake

  11. Exhaustion- "I'm so tired. I haven't slept a wink"- The Beatles

  12. Victory - "We are the champions my friend, and we'll keep on fighting till the end" - Queen

  13. Doing -"Taking care of business" - Bachman-Turner Overdrive

  14. The High of Hindsight- "Back they didn't want it, now I'm hot they all on it" - Mike Jones

Having a bad day, need to channel one of these emotions, having a moment? Don't worry, I compiled a playlist for you in case of emergency here.

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