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Feeling alone? Don't worry, we are #InItTogether - 3 ways to improve your LinkedIn game in 2019.

One of the questions that I am often asked being on the road- teaching, facilitating, and speaking - is how people can connect better online. I spend around 70% of my time on the road, so for me personally, LinkedIn has been one of those must have tools. I get a chance to connect with people before I go to a city, connect while I'm there- and even learn about a company before I do a contract or role with them. It always comes as a surprise to me when people asked that - since they seem to forget about the tools and resources out there.

LinkedIn, for me has been a platform that has allowed me to get to know potential clients and employers. It was exciting for me, as I tend to take part -time and interim roles- to be able to gain valuable insight into a companies culture, dynamic, and really get a pulse on who they are. What has been equally important was how many people have found me, just by making sure I have filled out my profile! I recently had the opportunity to chat with my students where I teach at the University of San Diego- many of them told me how scary their job search has been, it became clear to me by the end of our class - that I was able to turn their job search hopes into reality. I have been able to find out who I am already connected to that may have more insight into a role or opportunity - just from being connected on LinkedIn.

Here are 3 ways to improve your LinkedIn Game in 2019 to maximize your profile and ensure awesome connections.

  1. Fill out your profile. Don't leave anything to the imagination. Employers want to know you as much as you know them. Make sure you have a clear photo - first impressions matter!

  2. LinkedIn Premium helps- a lot. Wouldn't it be great to know if you were a top candidate for a role or if your skills matched with what an employer was looking for? LinkedIn Premium has a ton of cool features that can't be beat. You can see what percentage you rank for in potential roles, who has looked at your profile (think recruiters), and more importantly - how you are being found. Check out the dashboard, it's got key insights that give you valuable insights to help direct your search.

  3. Sharing is Caring. If you see a role that looks awesome, but might not be for you, consider sharing it as as status update! Chances are that someone you know might be a fit- and you'll score karma points for sharing it. Connective, Give, Repeat. People are so inundated with messages these days that a personalized note or introduction goes a long way. Also, if you notice someone has posted a question or wants feedback on a post- help them out! If you happen to be headed to a city- look and see who you are connected to in that city and try to meet up in person! Tag a resource, make an introduction- you'll be surprised what 1 person can bring to the table. (It also helps show that you are a resource to be treasured!)

As for me? I am taking the LinkedIn Plus One Pledge, to make a personal goal to share my time, talent or connections with people outside your regular network. If you're feeling alone - or have time to spare, join me!

After all, we're #InItTogether

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