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Simply your Instagram Business Strategy and implement these 3 steps asap for success.

Instagram has never been my "main" platform- but it's one that continues to surprise me. I've been able to book 1 on 1 coaching clients, strategy sessions, and cool brand collaborations to say the least but in every marketing coaching session, inevitably these are the questions I ask most often.

Take these, screenshot them, print them, or transfer them to your notes. They are the guiding point of your Instagram without it- you're hoping pretty pictures are going to generate "brand" awareness- but that's only part of the story.

A killer Instagram feed doesn't mean $$. You could be wasting precious time on that checkboard feed only to realize you aren't getting any ROI.

Without any further adieu here are the 3 Steps You should implement before you go hard on Instagram.

  1. Consider your customers' needs before yours. What problem are you solving for them? What do you or your business do? How are you ensuring you are creating a need for your business by showing them how you can make something easier, save them time or money?

  2. Be a Goal Digger. What is your goal for being on Instagram? What do you hope Instagram will do for your business? Do you what to share products, services, or be a leader? This goal will help you determine what posts makes sense and which ones aren't a fit.

  3. Show Don't Tell. Take a moment to look at your posts- are you letting them speak for you? Post what you what people to know you for - what do you want people to learn with they land on your profile. Can they determine that quickly? Share posts of happy clients and customers who have amazing things to say about you. Start with a simple theme and build from there - don't try to be all things to all people.

These 3 steps as simple as they are can be the thing that saves you time and effort. If you have good information but are posting beautiful photos of brunch- you might be off base. Once you know what you want people to think of your business and how you plan on using it- just start.

But don't forget to follow me, and I'll follow you back! @maresaSD

Good Luck-

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