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Feeling a little... uninspired? Here are 6 go-to post ideas to get you through a brain freeze.

Curating Social Media content is rough. I repeat it can be really hard to be constantly inspired and my generation's favorite word "AMAZING" all the time.

So, in an effort to truly enact my 2020 strategy of setting the bar lower. Here are 6 post types you can use on any platform when you aren't feeling fabulous, creative or inspired.

  1. Feature a team member, colleague, or referral partner. This can humanize your brand and also give you a chance to shine the spotlight on the people that make your business possible.

  2. Ask a question. No, it doesn't have to be a deeply profound question- and you can make this fun or functional. Debating on a headshot? Ask your audience. Trying to figure out what to name that new course? Ask your audience. You'll get your post for the week done, drive engagement, and solve a business problem in one shot.

  3. Behind the scenes. Ditch the perfect lighting, make-up or "ideal background". Take pictures in the wild - have bad lighting- look normal- show your wrinkles. People love to see behind that wall of perfection- and it humanizes you.

  4. Share an article. Do a google search for your industry, look at something that's trending you think people would care about.

  5. Showcase a product or service. Share a popular product or service you offer and why it is awesome.

  6. Celebrate a holiday (Or Make One Up). Look up random holidays on sites like this - and you'll discover that today, September 1 is the celebration of Emma M. Nutt Day, the first woman telephone operator. There are holidays for bread, people, and objects- guaranteed the randomness of this approach will drive a bit of "whaaaatttt" from your audience.

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