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Marketing Monday: Stop overthinking process and procedures, and record video with this instead!

Some people say a picture can be worth a thousand words.. but I like to think that a video can be just as effective!

Have you ever tried to explain the functionality of a process, thought, design, or just a process to a client an colleague and traded a zillion emails back and forth? Each time having to clarify and re-clarify over and over again.

With each e-mail, you get more and more frustrated wishing the person could just stand over your shoulder so you could explain to them.

But then, you decide to record it, and then comes the problem. Do you upload the video to youtube then email the link? Do you make the rookie mistake and e-mail them the video taking forever to download- the quality is distorted and you are back at square 1?

Well if this sounds like you, I highly recommend you look at LOOM! Loom has been a tool that has saved my butt more than once and makes documentation a breeze.

I used it to record this short video last year:

But you can also use it to create private videos, or even download them to your computer.

Sometimes we worry about the platform and over researching, so hopefully, this helps you record that overview, tutorial, or "webinar" style video with a bit of human touch.

If this tool works, make sure you tag me below I'd love to see what you create!!

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